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How to Dress the Strawberry Body Shape

How to dress the strawberry body shape? You’re going to find out today. Strawberry is the body shape of the 1980s models and it’s the opposite of the pear body shape.


In general, your upper body is larger than your lower body
Your shoulders are wide
Your hips are narrow
You tend to have long, and often lean legs
If you gain weight, you tend to store it on your upper body first

How to dress the strawberry body shape Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford

How to Dress the Strawberry Body Shape & What to Wear

The strawberry body shape is the opposite of the pear shape, and therefore, the styling advice for this body shape is the opposite. You should keep the upper part of your body mostly plain. That means staying clear of any embellishments, ruffles, prints, and especially padded shoulders, and ornaments in the shoulder area.

You shouldn’t wear chunky jumpers or anything that will add volume to your upper body. If you do want to wear them, keep them in darker shades. However, you can wear tops with vertical stripes. They will elongate your upper body and make it look narrower.

As opposed to that, you want to add all the volume to your lower body. Trousers with embellishments and prints on them, especially in the hip area are the perfect choice for your body shape. Also, feel free to wear A-line skirts. In general, anything that will add more width to your hips is perfect for your body shape. Another way to create a more balanced body and accentuate your waist is to wear belts in the waist area.

How to dress the strawberry body shape Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell

Celebrities with the Strawberry Body Shape

Demi Moore
Angelina Jolie
Giselle Bundchen
Susan Sarandon
Jessica Alba
Tyra Banks

Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter what type of clothes you’re wearing. What’s most important is if it makes you feel good! Those are just tips, and not specified rules.

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