how to dress the banana body shape
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How to Dress the Banana Body Shape

How to dress the banana body shape? You’re going to find out today. If you have the banana body shape, consider yourself lucky, because it’s the easiest body shape to dress. That’s why most models have this body shape.


Your shoulders and hips are the same or similar width
You have a small bust
Your waist is not defined
You have a small bottom
You don’t have many curves overall, and your body is usually referred to as “boyish”
If you gain weight, it tends to distribute evenly on your body

Cara Delevingne how to dress the banana body shape
Cara Delevingne

How to Dress the Banana Body Shape & What to Wear

Ideally, you want to add more curves to your body and define your waist. A great addition to your wardrobe is wide belts and anything with belts in general. For instance coats or jackets. If you want to wear a dress, opt for a belted loose dress or an A-line dress. An hourglass panel dress, where the areas alongside your torso are black, is also a great option for you. That being said, the waist-less look will also look good on you. But don’t wear anything baggy or loose if you want to create the illusion of a curvier body.

Short jackets will add some volume to your hips. Skinny jeans were made specifically for your body shape, so feel free to wear them as much as you want! However, if you want your hips to look curvier, try to wear slightly flared trousers.

To add more volume to your bust, wear a push-up bra or simply any bra that will add a cup size to your breasts. On top of that, wear a top with pockets, pleating, rushes or any kind of details. Tucked in blouses, medium to high necklines, and 3/4 sleeves will also look great on you!

Nicole Kidman how to dress the banana body shape
Nicole Kidman

Other Celebrities with the Banana Body Shape

If you want to take inspiration from someone with the banana body shape, I’ve listed some celebrities here:

Kendall Jenner
Anne Hathaway
Kate Hudson
Gigi Hadid
Jennifer Garner
Cameron Diaz

The one thing I want you to remember is this: no matter what your body shape is you are beautiful the way you are and you can wear whatever you want and feel confident in!

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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