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Why I Keep Wearing the Same Clothes Over and Over Again

I have a confession to do. I’m an outfit repeater! Yeah, Kate Sanders, come at me! But to be fair, I have a few valid reasons why I keep wearing the same clothes over and over again.

About a month ago, I posted a picture on my Instagram. In the caption, I said I wasn’t that much into fashion anymore. And I stand by that. Although I love clothes and dressing up, fashion is rather shallow, isn’t it? Yes, fashion is a great way to express yourself and be creative. But fashion also focuses too much on a vanity. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love styling my favourite clothes in different ways.

I’m Tired of Getting Myself Broke for the Sake of Fashion

I’m not a fashionista, I’ve never been. I don’t spend all of my money on the latest trends. I did at one point because I wanted to fit in with all the other fashion bloggers. But I was getting more and more broke, and my wardrobe was getting more and more cluttered with unnecessary items. I still do shop for the latest trends from time to time. But only if I love the item, and am intending on keeping it for as long as possible. And that’s my reason number one – I hate and refuse to get myself broke for the sake of fashion.

I’ve Found a Sweet Spot Between What Suits Me and What I Like

Secondly, I’ve come to realise what suits my body shape, what colours I prefer to wear, and my whole wardrobe revolves around that at the moment. Yes, it changes a little from time to time depending on the time of the year, whether I’m travelling or just running around London. But the whole idea remains the same.

I’m Guilty of Making Favourites Among My Clothes

The third and last reason is that I tend to make favourites. If it suits my body shape, is comfortable, and easy to pair with a wide range of other clothing items, I will probably wear it over and over again. Like for example a nice black turtleneck T-shirt. I owned one from Pull&Bear for over three years, and it started literally falling apart. It had actual holes in it. It was embarrassing. But as I refused to give it up, I kept searching for a new one, but I was never happy with the material. It was the happiest day of my life (yeah, seriously) when I found out that after three years, they are still selling it. It’s this one. And don’t be fooled by the word “sweater” in the name of the product. It’s not a sweater.

And so yeah, this is my current day to day attire. A black turtleneck, a black pair of trousers, and loafers. Even though I’m wearing a pair of heels in the first picture.

And that’s why I keep wearing the same clothes over and over again, and what’s my current stance on fashion.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

Outfit Details
Turtleneck // Pull&Bear
Trousers // New Look
Heels // H&M
Blazer // New Look
Basket Bag // Primark
Beret // Pull&Bear
Sunglasses // DIFF Eyewear

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