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    Clothing Pieces I Can’t Live Without At The Moment

    Not that long ago, I shared with you my confession about being an outfit repeater. Even though I mentioned a lot of my staples in that blog post, I thought I’d share with you all of my clothing pieces I can’t live without at the moment. Clothing Piece no. I: Black Turtleneck Yes, the iconic black turtleneck cherished by famous people such as none other than Audrey Hepburn, Steve Jobs, and me! *SARCASM* Well, not really. I do love turtlenecks. Especially in black. You can style them with essentially anything. They are simple, chic, and look good on anyone. They are also the perfect transitional piece. Pull&Bear is my absolute…

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    Why I Keep Wearing the Same Clothes Over and Over Again

    I have a confession to do. I’m an outfit repeater! Yeah, Kate Sanders, come at me! But to be fair, I have a few valid reasons why I keep wearing the same clothes over and over again. About a month ago, I posted a picture on my Instagram. In the caption, I said I wasn’t that much into fashion anymore. And I stand by that. Although I love clothes and dressing up, fashion is rather shallow, isn’t it? Yes, fashion is a great way to express yourself and be creative. But fashion also focuses too much on a vanity. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love styling my favourite clothes…

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    Trying New Things & Finally Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

    Hello angels! My main resolution for this year has been to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things. It was mid-summer, I was lying in my bed realising I haven’t tried anything new, nor have I stepped out of my comfort zone. As the harsh summer sun rays were shining into my bedroom, I was wondering what went wrong. Every single summer, my family and I go on holiday to Croatia. It’s a tradition at this point. We usually stay in Cavtat in Dalmatia. I love the town, and so I was torn between going there again or finally going to a new place. My suggestion…