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    Being a Perfectionist & Losing My Creativity

    Hello angels! As promised, I’m coming back with a weekly update blog post. Well, there’s not that much to be updated about as my life is not very exciting at the moment. But let’s get into it anyway! I’m finally feeling like myself again. If you can remember, I mentioned in my last update post that I’ve lost my creativity over the past few months. Being a creative individual, I felt like I’d lost a part of me, which later led to a state of depression. I felt like my content was never good enough. I kept reshooting the same outfits over and over again to get the perfect shot…

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    Me & Myself

    Graduating & Feeling Depressed

    Hello angels! It’s been a while. I took some time off from blogging to focus on my studies. And since I’ve now successfully finished my degree, I’m back! In this blog post, I’d like to update you as to where I’ve been and where I’m at the moment. Let’s get into it! So yeah, I’m officially a bachelor of arts. Well, I’m graduating next month, so I guess I will really be one then. I suppose I should be celebrating, but the reality is that anxiety has cast its shade over me. Instead of being happy, the question ‘What now?’ has been plaguing my mind. I feel like over the…