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AW18/19 Fashion Trends Review

Hello angels!

I’m aware that a review of the AW18/19 trends might seem outdated considering it’s already April, but I really wanted to write this blog post. I took a break from blogging to focus on uni. However, I miss blogging very much. This blog post was supposed to go up last month, but here it is anyway! If you can’t tell from the title, I will be reviewing the AW18/19 fashion trends. I’m going to simply divide them into two sections: the trends I liked, and the trends I disliked. Let’s get into it!

The Trends I Liked

Leopard Print

Animal prints were a huge trend during the autumn and winter season. Although I don’t necessarily like all of them (we’ll talk about that later), I’m a huge fan of the leopard print. I purchased this mesh leopard print top from River Island and definitely wore the most of it. In fact, I intend to continue.

Chain Print

In general, I’m not a huge fan of prints. Some exceptions are leopard print, floral print, stripes, or chain print. I feel like it adds a unique touch to the look, and makes the overall outfit look more expensive without necessarily breaking the bank. This one is from Zara but definitely has the designer vibes.

Power Suits

To be fair, I don’t own a suit. Yet. But they were a big hit of the past season, and I hear they are not going away yet. And I’m here for it. I’m a huge fan of the bossbabe look at the moment.

Hair Clips

Especially pearl hair clips. I think they are a very elegant piece of accessory that can elevate any outfit. I don’t really like the over-accessorised style of two or more hair clips. I think that one piece is just enough. Even though hair clips are more of an SS19 trend, we saw them a lot throughout the winter as well.


Who wouldn’t want to channel a bit of Chanel, right? Just kidding. Tweed is not for everyone, and I can absolutely see why. Until recently, I didn’t think I’d find tweed in my wardrobe. But the day has come and I’m happy I can add a bit of elegance into my looks. This cute playsuit that actually looks like a dress is from SheIn.

Pleated Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are another piece I never thought I would wear. I thought they wouldn’t suit my body shape and make me look shorter. I do style them with heels as I don’t like when people wear them with trainers, but you do you. Pleated midi skirts are a very elegant statement piece you can’t go wrong with. And I intend to keep wearing them. Apparently, they’re not going out of trend just yet. This metallic skirt is from SheIn.

The Trends I Didn’t Like

Puffer Coats

I understand that puffer coats must be very warm and therefore perfect for the winter weather. But there’s definitely a way to keep yourself warm without looking like a huge walking burrito.

Boiler Bodysuits

As much as I like bodysuits, I don’t understand boiler bodysuits. I know it’s just a question of personal preference, but I like elegant and classy-looking pieces. Boiler bodysuits are just not something I’d wear.

Snake Print

I already mentioned animal prints earlier. And well, snake print is my least favourite of them. It might be because snakes are not among my favourite animals, so I don’t like to dress up as one.

Hiking Boots and Ugly Trainers

Over the past few years, I’d say, athleisure has a become an everyday kind of wear. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. You won’t see me sporting hiking boots, trainers and other sports clothes unless I’m actually hiking or working out.


Same thing. I get that they are comfortable. I wear jeans most of the time and I don’t find them uncomfortable. If whatever you’re wearing feels uncomfortable, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Leave tracksuits at home.

Tiny Sunglasses

These tiny sunglasses only look good in pictures from certain angles. They are definitely not a piece for everyday wear, and certainly not worth my money. I’d rather spend them on a pair of massive sunglasses that will cover half of my face haha!

And these are all the trends I wanted to cover in this blog post. This is definitely an opinion-based post so feel free to disagree with me. Trends come and go but style remains.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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  • Forex Review

    Suits in all shapes, colours, and patterns. So, my fellow #bossbabes, this season is going to be fun for us in terms of fashion. I already talked about suits in my Best Summer 2018 Trends post, and I m really excited to see more of them.

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