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Travel & Outfit Diary // Croatia 2018

Hello everyone!

If you’re following me on Instagram, chances are you already know that I was on holiday in Croatia last week. I thought that for this post I would show you what I wore, and tell you what I did. Let’s get into it!

The first day was traditionally spent on the beach. After arriving at the Dubrovnik Airport the previous evening where I met up with my family, I was already exhausted, and on top of that, Cavtat, the town we were staying in, was struck by a nasty storm that night, so we didn’t get proper sleep. For that reason, we decided to take things slow that day.


To the beach, I wore a leopard print bikini from New Yorker, which you can’t see because I covered it with a plain grey T-shirt dress, belted it with a brown plait belt, and combined with brown sandals, sunnies, and a set of gold coin necklaces. All of these items are from Primark.


Our second day was spent similarly. However, after dinner, we were walking around Cavtat admiring the beauty of the town and mostly the yachts anchored there. I must say that Cavtat is a cat lover’s dream. There are cats literally everywhere. Running around the town, sleeping, cosying up to you. Me and my little four-year-old brother, Adam, love cats. It took us ages to get back to our apartment because we kept stopping to cuddle every single cat we came across.


That evening I wore this white flowy shirtdress, which I combined with a black plait belt, and crystal sandals. All of which are once again from Primark. I don’t think you can see it properly in these pictures, but I’m also wearing an angel aura quartz crystal pendant from the Etsy shop KukeeUK.


The third day was way more exciting. We spent the morning on the Pasjača beach near Cavtat. My twelve-year-old brother, Lukas, and I enjoyed the large waves there.


For this occasion, I wore this floral dress from Lindex. Underneath, I’m wearing my turquoise bikini from Victoria’s Secret. I styled the outfit with a pair of pink floral sandals and the coin necklaces, both from Primark. The pink sunglasses are from a street market in Dubrovnik from last year.


In the afternoon we took a boat to Dubrovnik. By chance, it was the very exact day as last year. We were strolling through the tiny alleys of the old town and even went to the official Game of Thrones shop, where we took some snaps on the Iron Throne. And then we took the same boat to get back to Cavtat. Let me tell you, I don’t want to sail a boat for at least a year after this experience. The night sky was clear, and the horizon foggy. The night wind kept drifting us into the open sea, and the boat was swaying from side to side. I felt as if I was on Titanic and was about to sink anytime.


Clothing-wise, I was wearing this gorgeous white maxi dress from Tally Weijl. On my feet, I’m wearing the pink floral sandals from Primark. Perhaps in this shot, you can see the crystal pendant from KukeeUK slightly better. I kept my belongings in this cute straw bag I got the day before in Cavtat.


The fourth day was spent similarly to the first two days. We went to the beach, where my dad and Lukas rented a pedal boat. In the evening, we drove to a restaurant called Konavoski Dvori. It’s a former water mill converted to a restaurant. For this reason, it tends to be very cold there. But don’t worry, you can borrow a blanket. I had tofu cheese with couscous and grilled vegetables, and it was arguably among the best tofu I’ve ever eaten. Konavoski Dvori is on the posher side. For this reason, the prices are higher but the food and the overall experience are definitely worth it.


For this occasion, I was wearing this white maxi dress from Forever 21. I styled it, once again, with the pink floral sandals from Primark, and the crystal pendant from KukeeUK. The dress doesn’t need any more embellishing.


We spent the last day once again on the beach. That’s what summer holidays are for, right? In the evening, we went out for a dinner, went for a walk around the town, went souvenir shopping, and cuddled a couple of cats in the process.


For our farewell dinner and walk, I was wearing this cute little white lace crop top from Forever 21, and denim shorts from Primark. I styled it with this double buckle belt from Pretty Little Thing, and sandals and coin necklaces from Primark. And yeah, almost a week spent sunbathing and I still haven’t gotten rid of my tan lines.


In my opinion, Cavtat is one of the best places to go on a summer holiday in Dalmatia. It’s located in the very south of Croatia in a close proximity to the pearl of the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik. It’s a small town full of exquisite alleys, paths, and houses that are waiting to be discovered by its visitors.

And that’s everything I have for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed. All photo credit goes to my brother Lukas.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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