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OOTD: Mustard Yellow Crop Top & Black Skirt

Hello everyone!

I have a brand new OOTD to share with you. After a long time of boho chic-inspired outfits, this one is not, but I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to show it to you. So let’s get right into it!

To build this outfit, I first I picked this mustard yellow crop top from New Look. I’ve been wearing this top a lot lately, so it will probably be featured in my monthly favourites at the end of the month.


Since the crop top has a lace-up detail on the front, I didn’t want to combine it with an item with any patterns or embellishments. I wanted to keep this outfit simple and wearable for most day to day occasions. For that reason, I chose this shiny black mini skirt from Primark. If you’ve read my latest blog post on How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather, then you know that one of my tips was to wear airy clothes in summer. Well, I should have listened to my own advice because I was almost boiling alive whilst we were shooting this outfit.


For this outfit, I wanted to break my streak of wearing sandals. As you might know, I’ve broken my little toe and so it was absolutely out of question for me to wear different shoes than sandals. Since my little toe is doing much better now, I decided to combine this outfit with these simple black ankle boots from Forever 21.


I didn’t want this outfit to be over-the-top with accessories and jewellery, so the only thing I added was this baker boy hat from River Island. Like the majority of the items I used to build this outfit, it’s black, so it nicely compliments the rest of the look. Also, the hat was protecting my head from the sun.


And last but not least is this little backpack from Primark. The feathers on this backpack add more texture to the overall outfit whilst the colour of the backpack, once again black, keeps it put together.


My style tip for this OOTD is to stick to up to two or three colours or shades and play with different materials. Especially if you’re new to fashion styling. You can pick an colourful clothing item and then build the outfit with items of a neutral colour like I did in this instance. You can’t go wrong that way.


And that’s all I have for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments down below! Also, how do you enjoy the new style of this OOTD post? I want to keep my content informative in some way and I would like to apply that to my OOTDs as well. And for this reason, I decided to structure these posts a bit differently. Instead of only commenting on what I’m wearing, I also want to focus on why I combined the featured garments.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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