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SkinKissed UK Vitamin C Serum // Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to review a product I’ve been sent, and that is the Vitamin C serum from SkinKissed UK. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!


This Vitamin C serum promises to reduce any signs of ageing, to clear up acne and prevent breakouts, and to leave the skin looking younger, hydrated and glowing. It’s a mostly natural product, and although it’s not written anywhere on the packaging, I was assured that this serum was not tested on animals. You can use this as a moisturiser as well as a primer.


As you can tell from the pictures, the product comes in a small black glass bottle containing 20ml of the serum. It also comes with a dropper which is great because you can accurately control the amount of product you use. On the bottle, you can see the name of the product, ingredients, and caution.


  • Water
  • Rose water – I spray my skin with rose water twice a day, so I was excited when I saw this ingredient
  • Ascorbic acid – aka vitamin C
  • Glycerine – hydrates skin
  • Hyaluronic acid – also hydrates skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Phenoxyethanol – fights bacteria and therefore helps with preventing acne
  • Marine collagen – slows ageing and reduces scars


So, as you can see, the ingredients are mostly natural, and even the chemicals like phenoxyethanol have good properties and are safe to use on your skin. Glycerine is derived from plant sources and therefore is technically natural. The only thing I want to put out there is that although this product is cruelty-free, it is not vegan or vegetarian-friendly as it contains marine collagen, which comes from fish. Now, you’re probably concerned about the smell of the serum. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell of fish at all. It only has a really subtle pleasant scent.

How to Use?

It is recommended to apply 10-15 drops of the product twice a day on your face, neck, and lips. Due to the vitamin C, your skin can become irritated at first, which is a sign it’s working. This will go away as you keep using it. For this reason, you should avoid any contact with eyes.

My Impressions

Holy crap! So yeah, I used only 8 drops of the serum as it glides over your face very well. I noticed that it truly irritated my skin but only a little bit, and only when I used it for the first time. After that, there was no irritation whatsoever. The product feels quite sticky on your face but this goes away as you apply a moisturiser. I implemented this product into my skincare routine, which you can check out here for more context, between my usual splash of rose water and my moisturiser.


My skin felt much plumper and moisturised straight away. After using it for almost two weeks, my hyperpigmentation caused by breakouts is fading away, my skin is super-hydrated, and I even got rid of my dry patches. As it promised, my skin is glowing and after a long time, I’m really happy with the appearance of my skin.

If you are interested in this Vitamin C serum, you can purchase it on the SkinKissed UK website. It retails for 29.95 GBP, and in my opinion is definitely worth it!

And that’s all I have for this review. Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments down below? Have you tried this product yourself, or has this serum caught your attention?

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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