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My Travel Bucket List

Hello, everyone!

I’ve recently had a major wanderlust. I would just pack my suitcase and travel somewhere far away. Since I currently can’t just get on a plane or a different means of transportation and leave my home because of school and exams, I spent the past couple of weeks scrolling through travel pictures on Pinterest and watching travel videos on YouTube. As a result, I decided to write a blog post about the places I’d like to visit one day. There are many places in the world that I intend to visit but these are my top picks. Enjoy!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney and Australia, in general, have been on my travel bucket list since forever. When I lived in the Czech Republic and was considering moving to a different country I was torn between the UK and Australia. I’ve heard only pleasant things about Australians and I love the relaxed lifestyle they apparently live. I would live in an apartment near a beach so I could go swimming in the ocean every morning. Obviously, I decided to move to London, but Sydney remains on my travel bucket list and possibly on my moving bucket list.

The Great Wall of China

Even though I’m not an expert at Chinese culture, I’m very captivated by it. I mean, it’s so different from the culture that has been surrounding me all my life. When I moved to the UK, I didn’t come across pretty much any cultural shocks. In my opinion, our cultures are not that different from one another. Or I just adapt easily to new environments. Long story short, I’ve always wanted to walk on the world’s largest landmark. I’ve already taken a stroll on the second which is in Ston, Croatia. But most importantly, I’d love to spend some time in a culture that is so distinctive from mine.


I don’t have a specific reason or a story as to why I want to visit this country so much. I’m just captivated by the astounding beauty of the architecture of the Cambodian monuments. Something about it speaks to me really strong and makes me want to pack a backpack and take a long hike through the entire country.

Bali, Indonesia

I’ve always wanted to go on a holiday somewhere tropical. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the luck to do so. However, the Indonesian island Bali has been on my travel bucket list for a really long time. All I can do right now is just picture myself swimming in the iridescent blue ocean or lying on the beach while sipping coconut water.


This destination comes hand in hand with the previous one. I mean, in terms of the reasons why I want to visit it. For some reason, I’m drawn mostly to tropical places, and Hawaii is one of them. Similarly to Bali, I can only picture myself sipping coconut water only this time with a Lei around my neck.

I hope you enjoyed this travel bucket list blog post and perhaps got carried away as much as I did while writing this. Let me know in the comments what countries or places do you want to visit.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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