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Hello, everyone!

For the first post of 2018 I’m going to do wardrobe basics. To building the perfect style your wardrobe doesn’t have to count hundreds or thousands of pieces of clothing. All you need are just a few garments, which you can combine with each other, and create the perfect outfit for the day. No matter what style you tend to opt for, these are the pieces every woman should own.

A warm coat

We all want to be kept warm during the wintertime and having a variety of them can be beneficial in a way. But some of us just want to have a one or two pieces of a good quality, that will last for a long time. I would suggest getting a plain one, which you can combine with anything and create different looks with.


Simple white T-shirt

You just can’t go wrong with a simple white T-shirt. Seriously, it compliments any kind of outfit. Whether you wear it with jeans, skirts, trainers, pumps or under a cardigan. If you wear it just plain without any accessories or with a variety of necklaces, it doesn’t matter.


Even if you are not a fan of a really classy looking style, sometimes you will be required to wear a smart outfit, and in that case, you will be absolutely grateful for already having one in your wardrobe than having to go through shops to find a new one.

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They don’t even have to be the famous little black dress. Stick to whatever your personal style is. If you don’t feel like wearing a little black dress, then opt for a little white dress. Or a little colourful dress. You do you! However, if you are required to wear something smart for an event or something, and you don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses and skirts, just wear a blouse and some decent looking trousers.

A decent looking pair of smart shoes

In addition to the blouse and dress for the special occasions, you will probably need a nice pair of shoes. I personally love wearing pumps or just any kind of shoes with high heels. However, I hear all of you who just can’t stand them. In that case, a pretty pair of ballet shoes will do as well. And if ballet shoes are not your style either, I’m pretty sure you can find a smart looking pair of flat shoes complimenting your personal style.

 A comfortable pair of shoes

Comfortable shoes are the absolute basic for anyone’s wardrobe. If you read or saw some of my lookbooks either here on my blog or on my YouTube channel, you could have noticed that I hardly ever wear high heels. As I mentioned, I love them, but flats are much more comfortable and convenient for everyday wear and just living in general. I prefer to wear ankle boots over trainers, but as I said many times here already, opt for whatever you like and whatever your personal style is!


Hope you found this helpful and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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