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Travel Diary: Dubrovnik 2017

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to share with you my recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia aka King’s Landing. I found out several months ago, that my favourite TV show has been filmed in this city which I visited at least five times already, and perhaps it was the reason why I was more thrilled about this trip more than ever.


The street Boshkoviceva where you can sit on the Iron Throne

Dubrovnik is one of my favourite cities to visit. In fact, it’s my fourth favourite city. I’ve got five, to be exact. Anyway, I’m quite confident to say that it’s a sort of a Czech tradition at this point to make a road trip to Croatia as a form of summer holidays. Although it’s pretty tiresome to spend whole twenty-four hours in a car, I’ve come to a state where I realised that I actually love it. It’s uncomfortable but you get to see things you wouldn’t actually see from the plane. Well, in fact, I flew from London to Dubrovnik and then drove to the Czech Republic with my family, where I am at this moment.


View on the old part of Dubrovnik from the walls

I arrived in the Čilipi Airport, completely sleepy after a night spent in the Stansted Airport, because there were no convenient means of connection to get here at the time I needed, so I had to arrive there the night before. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as sluggish as I supposed I would be after the sleepless night, maybe due to the refreshing water of the Adriatic Sea which I jumped into as soon as I could.


The House of Undying aka part of the walls

The best day, however, was the third day of my holidays. It was the day when we finally bought our boat tickets and sailed to Dubrovnik from Cavtat. I’m sorry I don’t know all the names of the locations in these pictures.


Stradun (the main street of the old city)

That’s everything for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel.

xoxo, S. V.

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