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Summer 2017 Trends I Like and Don’t Like

Hello everyone,

There are a lot of trends out there going on right now. I don’t religiously follow all of them because quite frankly, I don’t like all of them. I’m aware of trends. I acknowledge them and some of them I just pass by without noticing. For instance, I’m more of a natural colour fan so I’m not really into that bright colour trend. Likewise, the floral pattern/embroidery. It’s super romantic, yes, but it’s just not my kind of style. So let’s look at some more specific trends, shall we?



Sheer materials

Okay, this is not exactly more specific. I guess that after my couple of previous posts you realised this would probably end up on this list. I just love anything see-through at the moment. It makes you feel naked and dressed at the same time, which doesn’t sound so appealing but for some strange reason, it is.



I’m aware this is not a huge trend anymore, but I’m still into it. If you don’t wear them with every single day, they can be a unique accessory that can spice the outfit up. Even a classic choker without any embellishments can upgrade the most boring outfit.



And now let’s talk about the trends I’m not so keen on.

Fishnet tights

I like them on pictures, okay? That’s it. I don’t think I would be able to wear them outside. I’ll save them for my annual prostitute mask for Halloween.


Denim jackets

This one is also not so hot anymore but even back them I just couldn’t fall for it. It’s not exactly my style and I know if I bought a denim jacket, I would wear it once or maybe twice, and then it would be hanging in my wardrobe until I’d decide to dispose of it.

And I guess that’s it for today’s post.

xoxo, S. V.


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