Setting Goals for 2020

I spent the past week setting my goals for 2020, and went very deep into what I want to achieve this year. I don’t usually set goals at the beginning of the year, as I set them throughout the year. But this year, I couldn’t resist. This year feels special, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s the beginning of a new decade after all. 

Planning my goals

Since I’ve never really set myself a goal to achieve, I’m quite new into this “life-planning” thing. And let me tell you, planning your goals can be overwhelming and confusing. Over the past week, I’ve tried every single goal-planning method I found on the internet. Some of them went so in-depth, they were actually pretty overwhelming and the opposite of effective. 

Don’t Go Too Much In-Depth

As a result, my goal-planning notebook now has at least twenty pages of my goals dissected in different ways. Exactly the opposite of a nice clean bullet journal kind of plan I was hoping to make. The lesson? Get an ugly notepad and vomit all your thoughts onto it before you start a nice bullet journal. No, seriously, don’t go too much in-depth. You just need a rough plan and then start planning for each week and month as they approach. 

setting goals for 2020

My System

I created my own system for goal-planning. It’s quite straightforward, but it might not work for you. And that’s okay, just find your own system that will work for you. Here it is:

Goals I Want to Achieve by the End of This Decade:

Where do I see myself at the end of the decade?They are usually quite vague.
Those are the big goals that sometimes scare me.
I don’t tell these goals to anyone.

Goals I Want to Achieve by the End of 2020:

Where do I see myself at the end of 2020?
Those are more specific goals.
I divided them into three categories: personal life, health, finance.

Daily Habits

Those are the daily habits that will help me, over time, to achieve those goals I set in the previous section.
Once again, I divided them into those three categories as previously mentioned.
Since achieving your goals is a step by step process, I’m going to be setting my weekly and monthly goals as they approach.
You can also implement weekly habits.

setting goals for 2020

What Are My Goals?

Like I mentioned, I don’t share my big goals with anyone. I’m very ambitious, and people usually laugh at me when I tell them what my big goals are. That’s why they are remaining a secret. 

My Goals for 2020

Personal Life

1. Become my best self (A pretty vague goal. I have a whole journal entry about what that looks like for me.)

2. Overcome my shyness and become confident (Confidence is the key to everything. The secret to becoming more confident? Step out of your comfort zone.)

3. Rent a studio flat in North Greenwich (I’ve been living in a flatshare for so long, that I want to finally live by myself. And I love the North Greenwich area.)

4. Travel to Scotland, Paris, and New York (I’ve been to Scotland, and I want to see more. I’ve been to Paris, and I want to go there again. I’ve never been to New York, and I really want to go there.)

5. Become fluent in French (I’ve been learning French for several years, and I’m still not fluent. That’s going to change this year.)


1. Fix my relationship with food (I want to eat healthy without obsessing about it. I have the “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to food, and I want to implement more of an 80:20 kind of approach.)

2. Run a 10K without stopping (To achieve this goal, I’m going to run 2-3 times a week, and run 500 meters more with every single run. At the moment I can comfortably run 2.5K.)

3. Do the splits (I really want to pay more attention to my flexibility this year. I’ve never been able to do the splits, but they have always been that one fitness goal I wanted to achieve.)

4. Try new kinds of exercise (I’ve been wanting to try kickboxing and archery for the longest time. I also need more variety in my yoga/running lifestyle.)


1. Launch my online business and start making a full-time income (I’m not going to go into details about the numbers I have in mind, but yeah, I’m just putting it out there.)

2. Expand my personal brand (My personal brand is currently changing a direction. The content is changing, and so are the platforms. My main social account at the moment is Instagram. This year, I will expand it to YouTube.)

3. Create multiple streams of income.

setting goals for 2020

Daily Habits

Personal Life

1. 30 minutes of learning French

2. moisturise (I always forget)

3. read a chapter of a book (fiction or non-fiction, doesn’t matter)

4. learn something new (Whether it’s something health-related, or business-related, that doesn’t matter. The only way we can grow is by constantly learning something new.)


1. at least 20 minutes of exercise a day (at least a walk if I’m really not feeling it)

2. stretch

3. drink at least 2 liters of water (I also drink a lot of green tea)

4. employ the 80:20 approach to my diet


1. only spend my money on what I need

2. learn more about finance, entrepreneurship, and passive income daily

Those are the daily habits that will help me achieve my 2020 goals. But the most important daily habits are taking action, and stepping out of my comfort zone. People are searching for a secret to be successful. Well, this is the secret: step out of your comfort zone and take action. Just do it, because nobody will do it for you.

The absolute main goal for me this year is freedom. I want to be free of my anxiety, depression, shyness, and  social anxiety that have been holding me back.

xoxo, S. V.

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