becoming a minimalist & decluttering
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Becoming a Minimalist & Decluttering

As I was rummaging through a drawer full of random items ranging from nail polishes and notepads to old issues of Vogue, the thought of becoming a minimalist popped into my head.

I’ve been feeling crammed in my double room for a while now. It’s the wardrobe full of clothes I never wear, the shoes that rest wherever they fit, all the books on my windowsill that I have no intention of reading, and past Christmas presents like blankets which I never use that make me feel suffocated in my little space.

The idea of decluttering and getting rid of everything I don’t need crossed my mind a few times. But the thought of actually going through all my clutter and deciding what I want to keep and what should go away sent chills down my spine. But then everything kept piling on. My stuff and my impatience with all my stuff.

As I was rummaging through a drawer full of random items ranging from nail polishes and notepads to old issues of Vogue, the thought of becoming a minimalist popped into my head. Surely it must be nice to own less. You must feel less cluttered, and you are also able to save more money because you don’t buy things you don’t need. I’m not talking about the extreme kinds of minimalism where all you own is a mattress on a floor. I’m talking about doable minimalism that simplifies your life.

And that’s why I’m decluttering quite a few clothing items that have accumulated over the past few years. And by decluttering, I mean selling them on Vinted. You can check out my account. But that’s not what this blog post is about. Minimalism is about keeping the items we hold dear and use often. And so I would like to show you a few pieces I have been wearing this autumn probably more than I should, and am likely to wear throughout winter as well.

Camel Coat

becoming a minimalist & decluttering camel coat

I finally have a camel coat! I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect camel coat for so long, and I finally found it. In Primark, of all places. I don’t shop in Primark as much anymore as the quality of their clothes is beyond underwhelming, and last a few weeks at best. However, sometimes I do find a nice piece of clothing there, which stay looking nice for years. Especially their coats. I have a few coats from Primark that I’ve owned for years, and they still look great.

White High Neck Jumper

becoming a minimalist & decluttering white jumper

You know how much I love a good high neck. For once, I decided to swap my black turtleneck for a white version. It’s an old find from Zara which I was wearing a lot last year. And I think it’s about time I revived it from my wardrobe again.

Block Heel Boots

becoming a minimalist & decluttering block heel boots

I received these block heel boots from Cucu Fashion a few weeks ago, and I haven’t taken them off ever since. I like a good pair of shoes with heels because I like to look taller. But they tend to be inconvenient for running around the city, especially in winter. The bottoms of these boots are sturdy and will make sure I won’t fall on slippery surfaces. Yeah, I hear there’s a very cold winter ahead of us. If you want to, you can use my discount code SARA10 to get 10% off when shopping at Cucu Fashion.

So, am I really becoming a minimalist? Well, I’m in the process of becoming one. And it’s a long process. At the end of the day, minimalism isn’t necessarily about throwing away half of your stuff and owning as little things as possible. First and foremost, materialistic minimalism is about realising the value of the things we own. Not necessarily the monetary value either. And also about freeing ourselves from the need to gather stuff. Becoming a minimalist is a slow process that I’m trying to implement into my life.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

Outfit Details
Coat // Primark
Jumper // Zara (old find)
Trousers // New Look
Boots // Cucu Fashion (gifted)
Beret // Accessorize (old find)

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