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Graduation & Losing Interest

Hello angels!

It’s been a while. Again. I was gone for a whole month because my laptop broke, which meant I wasn’t able to produce any content over here. But everything is resolved, and I’m officially back. So let’s have a look at what happened during the month of my absence!

To be honest, I can’t remember too many details from the past month, so this blog post will be quite short and without any deep message. I have three main things that happened:

One, my laptop broke. Actually, it died. With all my content in it.
Two, I finally graduated. Yay! I can’t express how nervous and anxious I was the day of my graduation.
Three, I went to Scotland. Finally! After three years of living in the UK, I finally went to visit Scotland, and did it steal my heart!

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I lost my creativity. What I was referring to was my creativity in terms of fashion. I no longer feel the joy of wearing a completely different outfit every single day. I have a certain style which I love sharing with you, but it’s not the most “fashionable“ style. I’m just not that into fashion anymore. Instead, I fell in love with the process of content creation itself. I love shooting in different locations, trying different poses, experimenting with my editing, and also adding a bit of my fashion style into it. I love creating content, but not necessarily for the purpose of sharing my outfits with you. I shared this on my Instagram earlier today and so many of my followers resonated with it.

From now on, I will be publishing more lifestyle content. I love cooking, so I might share with you a few recipes. I also love travelling. I have a few holidays coming up so I’m hoping to create some content around that. In fact, I got an idea of a travel diary on the last day of my stay in Scotland, which at that point was too late. And of course, I would love to include more lookbooks. But don’t expect me to talk about current fashion trends as I don’t care about them and never have and never will. So, we will see where this a little blog of mine will go.

xoxo, S. V.

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