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Week in Outfits no. III

Hello everybody!

Today I’m back with another Week in Outfits. I was quite busy this weekend, and therefore I’m writing this blog post at the last minute. I won’t go into an unnecessarily long intro and dive straight into it.

LOOK no. I

For the first outfit, I decided to go with my favourite black skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge. I paired them with a sparkly jumper from Primark, and a pair of edgy boots from Reserved. The leather jacket is from Bershka. The jacket is very warm so it’s perfect for the winter. As you can see, this outfit is pretty casual. And I must warn you that it’s the only one in this lookbook.


Here, I’m wearing my metallic shirt from Zara. I decided to go, once again, with the black skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge. On my feet, I’m wearing a pair of black boots from Primark. They have high heels but I must say that even despite that, they are comfortable to walk in. And what probably caught your attention the most is the leopard print coat. It’s from Forever 21 and I’ve been living in it this entire winter.


This outfit pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t think it would look so good when I had it in mind. I’m wearing my favourite turtle neck top from Pull&Bear, and a pair of checkered paperbag trousers from Bershka. I’m still wearing the Primark boots from the previous look. I decided to style this outfit with this cute faux fur gilet from Pull&Bear. I’ve had this one in my wardrobe for years. In fact, I acquired (haha) from my mum’s wardrobe.

LOOK no. IV.

This outfit is very Parisienne-inspired. I’m wearing a white chunky jumper from Primark. I combined it with a pink mini pleated skirt from New Look and a pair of OTK boots also from New Look. And what makes this outfit so French is the pink beaded beret from Primark.

LOOK no. V

This outfit is definitely my favourite. I mean they are all my favourites but this one is just number one. I’m wearing a mesh leopard print top from River Island. I paired it with a black ruffled tutu skirt from New Yorker. My absolute favourite part is the cape from Tally Weijl. I’ve had both the skirt and the cape for a few years, so you won’t be able to purchase it now. In fact, I think I’ve had the skirt for a whole decade. Anyway, the OTK boots are still the same pair from New Look.


Here, I’m wearing my black turtleneck top from Pull&Bear and I paired it with a black jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge. On top of it, I’m wearing a checkered coat from Primark. But now, look at these boots! They are my new glittery obsession from Primark. I would wear them all the time everywhere I go if I could.


I’m still wearing the same turtleneck top from Pull&Bear. See? I wear it very often. I paired it with a sequined skirt from I Saw It First, and the OTK boots from New Look. I’m also still wearing the checkered coat from the previous look, and a simple black beret from Primark.

As you can see, I wear the same clothing items a lot. You don’t have to own a massive garderobe in order to look stylish. You just have to be creative with what you already have.

And this is all I have for this lookbook. I hope you enjoyed and you can check out the last one here.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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