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The Best and Worst Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends

Hello everybody!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I don’t really follow the latest trends. I don’t like to tell you what you NEED to buy or wear simply because I assume you know your tastes and that’s what you’ll wear. However, I like to share my opinion on trends. And that’s what I’m going to do today. I will show you my favourite, and least favourite trends of the past season. So let’s get into it!

The Best Trends


Florals? For autumn? Well, that is groundbreaking! Although we don’t usually associate floral prints with autumn, they were a huge trend this past season. And I could only applaud this trend because I love florals.


Oh yes. My favourite print of the autumn 2018 season. This season we saw checks on everything. Tops, shirts, trousers, coats, blazers, etc. The list goes on. My absolute favourite were blazers and coats. Especially when paired with a casual outfit. They make the outfit look well put together even though you didn’t put any effort in. My favourite way to style checkered blazers is to pair them with edgy pieces such as a pair of leather leggings.


Chunky Knits

Hands down, this is the perfect style for autumn. Knitwear that looks stylish and makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a blanket all day long? That’s a win-win for me. This trend is going to stay here through the winter as well. You can be sure of that.

Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes and chunky knits go kinda hand in hand. Mainly coats and jackets. I deliberately size up when purchasing a new coat or jacket. It makes my legs look skinnier, and you can wear a chunky jumper underneath. You look stylish and are kept warm.


Okay, I don’t really wear sequins that much. But this season we saw sequins as a part of the everyday wardrobe, and I think it’s an excellent way to spice up the most boring outfit. And they are definitely staying for a while longer. What else do you want to wear on New Years Eve?

The Worst Trends

Snake Print

I love wearing clothing that looks like it was made of an animal (although I would never wear anything that WAS made of an animal). I wear faux fur and faux leather all the time. I used to be obsessed with leopard print. And to this day, I still like it. But the one animal print/material I would never wear is snake print. Yes, it can look quite luxurious, but I just don’t like snakes.

Canvas Belts

Why? Why would anyone wear these?! They don’t elevate the outfit in any way whatsoever. They completely ruin it. Look at the picture. I love the blazer and I’m okay with the rest of the outfit. But then the canvas belt destroyed the whole look.


This is just a personal preference. I don’t really like crazy prints and graphics. I prefer simple patterns like stripes, florals, checks mostly in neutral colours with an occasional pop of colour.

Cycling Shorts

No comment. This trend has left me completely speechless. And not in a good way.

Neon Colours

Speaking of colours, my least favourite colours are neon ones. Again, just a personal preference. I’m not bashing this trend in any way. I just prefer soft pastels or dark tones.

And these are all the best and worst fashion trends of autumn 2018 according to me. Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments down below!

Just a little disclaimer: this is just my opinion. If you disagree with me and like the trends I listed as worst or dislike those I listed as best, that’s okay! We all have different personal styles and are allowed to wear whatever we want.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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