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How to Shop on Black Friday Without Going Crazy

Hello everybody!

Black Friday is knocking on the door. In fact, the door is already open ajar. Some stores have already started discounting their products. And so today, we will be discussing how to shop on Black Friday. Let’s jump straight into it!

How to Prepare for Black Friday

Write a List of What You Want to Purchase

As you probably know, Black Friday is the time of the year when all shoppers and shopaholics go nuts and buy everything they get their hands on just because it’s on sale. If you’re one of these people, it’s very likely you end up purchasing something you don’t need. This year, write a list of what you want or need to buy. Do you need a new blender? Do you want to buy that faux fur jacket you’ve been eyeing for a while? Or that gold necklace that would make the perfect Christmas present for your mother? Write it down on the list!

Set Yourself a Budget

It can be as small or as large as your financial situation allows you. It’s very easy to get carried away by all those irresistible deals, so definitely do set yourself a budget. This way you will be less likely to go crazy on Black Friday and splurge way too much.

Check the Deals

Make yourself familiar with all the upcoming deals in the shops where you’d like to buy something on Black Friday. When doing that, also compare the prices in other stores. The retailers often increase the “before” price in order to make the deal look more appealing. However, what’s even more important is to read the fine lines on the leaflets, posters, emails or wherever you’re reading about the discounts. The card may say, for example, 50% off, but it often excludes a bunch of items. So, definitely check the fine lines. Otherwise, you may be surprised at the checkout.

Read the Return Policy

In all the craze, you may end up buying something that doesn’t fit you properly or something damaged. It happens to the best of us. Especially in such a stressful environment that Black Friday can be. It’s important to check the return policies of the shops where you’re going to go on Black Friday. You know, just in case.

Shopping on Black Friday in Stores

Go to the Stores and Have a Look Around

This tip sounds dumb. But if you’re going to shop in stores on Black Friday (you have my admiration), it will be very helpful for you to go to the shops a day before and just have a look around where all the items you want to buy are located or where the changing rooms are. Just get to know the general layout of the stores. Also, you can try on whatever you like and remember your size. This way you will spare yourself valuable time on the D-day.

Make a Plan for the Day

You should definitely make a plan beforehand. Are you going to Oxford Street? Where will you start? The Marble Arch end or the Tottenham Court Road end? If the Marble Arch end, then you won’t put Forever 21 first and then Selfridges, will you? It doesn’t have to be a minute to minute kind of plan. However, you should at least have a general idea where you’re going to go and in which order.

Dress for the Occasion

I love walking around the city overdressed and with high heels on. Although, I always wear the most comfortable ones. But Black Friday is not the time to pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw. Wear something comfortable that can be changed easily. Especially if you didn’t have time to try it on the day before like I suggested in one of the previous tips. You don’t want to spend ages undressing and then putting your clothes back on. Perhaps don’t go for the outfit I’m wearing in these pictures in this post. Black Friday is about how fast you are. And you need to be very fast.

Go to the Shops Extremely Early

I’ve never shopped in stores on Black Friday, but I’ve heard there are people waiting outside the shops hours before the opening hours. Some of them even sleep there in tents?! Okay, I don’t think you have to sleep in a tent in front of the store, but definitely wake up earlier than usual.

Shopping on Black Friday Online

Sign Up for Newsletters

This way you will be one of the first people notified about the deals and you won’t miss out anything. The only downside is that your inbox is going to be full of newsletters from various stores. However, I find it pretty straightforward to unsubscribe from those in iOS. If you open the email, a little window will pop up on the top of the message informing you that the newsletter comes from an email list. There, you will have the option to unsubscribe.

Follow Fashion Influencers

A lot of fashion influencers of Instagram team up with various brands and offer Black Friday discounts to their followers. Look out for discount codes mentioned in their captions. This way you will even help the influencer. Chances are that the discount code is affiliated. This means the influencer will make a small profit from your purchase. But the price for you will remain the same.

Clear Your Cookies

If you didn’t know, Cookies are embedded in your search engine and basically track which websites you are visiting. If you go, for example to, leave the page and come back later, the discount will probably not be as great as it was when you visited the site the last time. That’s why the prices of plane tickets are increasing each time you visit the website. There are countless tutorials on the internet on how to clear your Cookies.

Get your Cash Back

And my last tip is to shop through cash back sites. My favourite is You won’t get all of your money back, but stores will return a few percent of your purchase. Just bear in mind that the percentage may decrease when buying discounted items. However, definitely set up your account BEFORE Black Friday!

And these are all my tips on how to shop on Black Friday! I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you found them helpful in the comments down below!

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

Outfit Details

Beret // Primark

Faux Fur Jacket // New Look

Roll Neck T-Shirt // Pull&Bear

Tutu Skirt // New Yorker

Crossbody Bag // Primark

Boots // Miss Selfridge


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