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How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather // Style Tips

Hello everyone!

The summer is here and hot temperatures with it. It’s been scorching in the UK for the past weeks and more days like this are still to come. And so I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks on how to keep cool in hot weather, and what to wear.

Keep it Light in Colour

Opt for lighter colours rather than dark ones. Dark colours absorb light, and therefore they make you feel like you’re boiling alive. BUT beware of grey. Yes, grey is essentially a light colour, but it makes every drop of sweat way too visible for our liking. No one wants to walk around with sweaty circles around their armpits, am I right?

Keep it Loose

Wearing a large flowy garment in hot weather will be much bearable than wearing a small and clingy one. Trust me. There’s a good reason why I tend to wear large maxi dresses in summer rather than clingy mini dresses. It doesn’t stick to the skin and even creates a nice little breeze when you walk.

Keep the Fabric Natural

Have you ever noticed that your polyester top feels like a little sauna when it’s hot outside? Yes, that’s what it basically is. On the other hand, materials such as cotton are much more breathable. It also absorbs sweat better than polyester and dries faster as well.

Keep the Accessories Minimal

Jewellery, particularly heavy necklaces, and bracelets cling to your skin and make it sweat underneath. Keep it light-weight with a nice minimal chain necklace or bracelet, and a pair of studs in your ears. Although, large earrings are not that much of a big deal as they don’t really touch your skin. The same goes for handbags and backpacks. Keep them small if you can. Large handbags and backpacks will just stick to your side or back, and once again, you will end up with a sweaty blotch underneath.

Okay, these were my four little tips to get you through the heatwave, and hot summer climate in general. I hope you enjoyed and perhaps learned something new.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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