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Hello, everyone!

I’ve already written about Wardrobe Essentials but today I’m going to focus on another part of the wardrobe, which is accessories! They have the ability to make everything look much more put together even if it’s just a pair of simple sunglasses or a nice belt. No matter your style you can find this blog post useful because all of the items listed below can complement any kind of style.


I’ve been refusing to wear basically anything on my head for such a long time. I have no idea why because I’ve got infatuated with hats in the past year. My absolute favourite is my black floppy hat. Then recently I bought a vintage style newsboy hat and I wear them all the time! Especially when it’s raining outside which is pretty often in winter here in the UK. Yep, I’m too lazy to carry around my umbrella so I rather wear a hat. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to walk around in a beanie or a floppy hat, they make everything look more interesting.


I don’t own as many sunglasses as the majority of people does. I own only three pairs. However, they come pretty handy when I go for a run and don’t want other people to see my flushed face or when I’m going grocery shopping on a day off and can’t be bothered to put any make-up on. And then of course in summer when I want to protect my eyes from the sunshine. I, personally, prefer the aviator type of sunglasses. Mine are from Ray-Ban and they are super light and suit me well.

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If it were up to me I could go outside in winter with a light coat and that would be it. I’m terrible at underdressing in a cold weather. But then I actually found out that scarves are pretty handy and also a cute addition to my wardrobe. They really do keep me warm even when it’s freezing. Shocker, right? But by scarves, I mean handkerchiefs as well! They are pretty variable. You don’t have to wear them tied around your neck. You can wear them on your head or as a belt!


It doesn’t matter how embellished your belt is. Any kind of belt can make a simple pair of jeans look a hundred percent more put together. But you don’t have to limit yourself to a simple belt. Wide belts are a cool addition to an outfit. They can emphasise your waist if that’s your goal in dressing. In 2017, corset belts were a huge hit, so it’s completely up to you which type you prefer. Or maybe all of them?



If I was to pick a single item from this list that you do need, it would be a handbag! I mean, if you ever leave your house then it’s very likely you already own at least one piece. I would not be able to live without my tote. I’ve got a simple black tote from H&M which I take with me everywhere. It’s fairly large so I can fit all my belongings into it. Then I would suggest you purchase a clutch or a small crossbody bag for when you go out to a party or just when you don’t have too much stuff to carry with you. And what about backpacks? Yeah, I never thought about a backpack as a stylish part of wardrobe but they are! When I know I would be carrying something too heavy for my shoulder or elbow, then I grab my backpack.


Okay, and that will be it for today’s blog post. As you can see, the possibilities for each accessory are endless. Each has different types and you can also play with the colours and embellishments so you can add your outfit more of your individuality and uniqueness.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.

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