Hello, everyone!

Today, I will show you what I ate on the Christmas Day. I’ll warn you straight away, it’s probably the least fancy and appetising Christmas-y what I eat in a day you’ll ever see. So, let’s get into it!


For breakfast, I had a banana porridge with some chopped dates, a bit of peanut butter and an orange. The porridge is super simple. I just mashed one banana, mixed it with oats, poured some water into the mixture and put it into the microwave for about a minute.



Then instead of lunch, I was munching on these delicious Christmas cookies my mum made. Well, I was mostly eating the gingerbread cookies.



For the most important meal of the Christmas Day, the dinner, I had to improvise. My family is meat eaters and, therefore, they ate meat with potato salad, which also contains meat, for dinner. So, I sliced a bell pepper into two, filled it with couscous almost drowned in soy sauce and put some cucumber on the side. It looks pretty poor for a Christmas dinner, but it was delicious and I was already full of eating the cookies.


And that’s all! I know this was possibly the weirdest “What I ate on the Christmas Day”. Hopefully next year I will be more creative.

See you next time!

xoxo, S. V.

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