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My Favourite Cities

Hello, everyone!

I love travelling. It doesn’t matter if it’s within the country or abroad. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if I travel to a city or a countryside. So today I decided to tell you about my five favourite cities where I always love to return.


Well, this one is quite a cheat as I live here. But even before I moved here I loved to travel to London and always found a way to come back. The first time I went to London was with my school in 2012. On our last day, we went to Greenwich. The weather was miserable. It was pouring down and windy. The only thing I can remember was seeing the thin green line from the Royal Observatory implying the zero meridian making its way through the fog. For some reason, I was impressed. I felt like I belonged there. And, so I do to this day.



I crave being back in Paris all the time. I don’t know Paris as much as I know London but I get a similar feeling there. Whenever I’m in Paris, I just feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I should probably work more on enhancing my French because Paris is one of those places where I can imagine myself living.



If you’ve been following me for some time already, you might know that I come from the Czech Republic. But no, I’m not from Prague. Even though Prague is my favourite city in the Czech Republic, I didn’t always have a good relationship with it. Now as I don’t get to visit Prague as much, I miss it more than I ever did. I also appreciate it more when I do go there. Especially during Christmas holidays.



I’ve been going to Dubrovnik with my family almost every single year since I was eight or nine. Well, I mean the historical part of the town. We never really stayed in Dubrovnik, it’s always been just a one day trip. My affection for the city, that has developed over the years, was even more amplified when I discovered that my favourite TV show Game of Thrones has been shot there. I even had a picture sitting on the Iron Throne, but apparently, my step-mum was shooting it with a wrong lens so she deleted it.



Right now, my family is waiting at the airport waiting for their flight to Venice and I’m just sitting here, writing this blog post and envying silently. From all of the cities, I visited Venice the least. I was there only three times. However, the italien city has made an impression on me the very first time I went there.


And that’s all for today. See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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