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Lookbook: Vacation 2017

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share with you another lookbook. Lookbooks are my most read blog posts and the most watched videos on my YouTube channel, and they are my favourite to create as well. Quite frankly, I was contemplating not posting this particular lookbook at all. You see, it’s already September and this is a summer lookbook. A vacation one, to be exact. It’ already the autumn time but this year I just can’t part with summer and unfortunately I had a late vacation this year and I just fell in love with all of those looks so I decided to post this anyway. I was looking forward all summer to wear these outfits because the English weather was not doing me favour. So, let’s jump straight into it!

Outfit no. I

For the first outfit, I chose a simple white shirt from Primark with the brown vintage style skirt from Forever 21 which you could have already seen in one of my previous lookbooks. The white lacey choker is from Primark as all of my necklaces and chokers.


All of the looks feature these brown high heel sandals from Forever 21 because when we go on a vacay, we need to economise with the stuff we pack into our luggage, right?


Outfit no. II

This one is my definite favourite of this lookbook. I was promenading in this outfit through the streets of Dubrovnik and I received quite a few stunned looks from the fellow passing by tourists. Anyway, the white lacey top is from Forever 21, as well as the maxi skirt, which you could have, once again, already seen in my previous lookbook.


The flower crown, the absolute best part of this entire look as well as my favourite part is from Forever 21, too. Yep, you guessed it right. It’s my go-to place to shop for clothes. I wish I could wear the flower crown more often, you see, I feel like it’s expressing my true nature but I think it’s too much even for London. Besides, as I said, it’s already autumn, and therefore I would look like a freak wearing a summer flower crown in autumn.


Outfit no. III

This outfit was my go-to look when on the beach. The tunic is from Lindex. You expected Forever 21, didn’t you? Nope, no Forever 21 in this look. Well, if you don’t count the sandals. Okay. It was kind of pointless. Anyway, the bikini is from New Yorker, and the necklace is from Primark. I bought the sunglasses at a street market in Dubrovnik because I forgot my trustworthy Ray-Bans and these just caught my eye.


Outfit no. IV

And the last outfit features my greatest obsession of this summer, maxi dress. Well, if I don’t count the flower crown. I guess we all can agree that I’ve been pretty obsessed with fashion this summer. The dress is from Forever 21 and the headband is from Claire’s.

By the way, all the necklaces and rings are my Pandora ones, which I wear in every single lookbook. Yep, I need to pay more attention to these pieces too, and use different jewellery from time to time.

That will be everything for today’s post. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel, as well!

See you next time!

xoxo, S. V.

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